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Introducing WatchGuard Pro - A fortress for your timepieces.

Time Spinners -WatchGuard Pro - Two-Stage Access Control

Crafted from solid steel and meticulously designed, this safe box is the epitome of security and precision. Here's what sets it apart:

Program Modes: Choose from five customizable program modes, tailored to your watch's needs. With 5 rotation modes and a range of adjustable turns per day (650 to 1950), this sleek device ensures that your watches are always in pristine condition without causing any unnecessary stress to their delicate movements.

Key Features:

  1. Automated Watch Care: This safe box automatically rotates your watch in the preset direction and number of turns per day, following a precise right turn and rest cycle.

  2. Customizable Turns Per Day: Adjust the turns per day, ranging from 650 to 1950, with an intermediate rest cycle to minimize stress on your watch movement.

  3. Hands-Free Operation: A built-in automatic timer ensures the safe box turns on at the same time each day, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Easy Access: Experience unparalleled access control:

  • Customizable Security Code: Open the safe with your personalized security code.
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Experience seamless access with a simple swipe of your finger, ensuring quick and secure unlocking of your safe.
  • Traditional Key: Two keys are included for manual access, providing peace of mind.
Time Spinners -WatchGuard Pro - Elevate Your Watch Collection's Safety
Time Spinners -WatchGuard Pro - Product Specifications: Height, Length, Depth, Weight

Strong Security: Your watches deserve the utmost protection, and this safe box delivers:

  • Solid Steel Construction: Crafted from solid steel, this safe is virtually impenetrable.

  • Double Locking Mechanism: The door features two locking bolts and hidden hinges, ensuring maximum security.

  • TRIPLEX GLASS: An 18 mm (0.7") TRIPLEX GLASS door is exceptionally tough to break.

  • Electronic Alarm System: Built-in ELECTRONIC ALARM system with autonomous power supply for added security.

  • Two-Stage Access Control: Enjoy two-stage access control, and rest assured with motion sensor technology. The alarm sounds if any movement is detected or if an incorrect security code is entered three times consecutively.

Elevate your watch collection's safety and care with our WatchGuard Pro safe box. It's more than a safe; it's a guardian for your cherished timepieces.

Height Length Depth Weight
440mm/17.3" 440mm/17.3" 260mm/10.2" 30kg/66.1lbs
Supported brands

Our WatchGuard Pro watch winder safe supports 99% of all mechanical watches.

Time Spinners -WatchGuard Pro - Supported Brands


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